The Port of Portoferraio

The Port of Portoferraio

Portoferraio is Elba’s main port. The island lies about 6 miles south west of the Piombino promontory. Elba covers an area of 223.5 km2 and has 147 km of coastline. It is the third largest of Italy’s islands, after Sicily and Sardinia.

Portoferraio is located on the north coast of the island, inside the large bay of the same name, at 42°48’ latitude North and 10°18’ longitude East.

The port covers an area of about 60,000 square meters and offers about 1,900 m of quays with depths ranging from -5 to -10 m. It consists of two distinct parts: the port itself and the harbour, whose basin is 2,000 m wide and is well protected in the event of adverse weather conditions.

Its use is strictly linked to the scheduled ferry service with Piombino, cruise traffic and pleasure craft.

In addition to the Calata Depositi cove and the Alto Fondale pier, which is the preferential mooring for cruise ships, thanks to its location in right the historical center, next to a large yard used as a coach parking area and harbour areas that can accommodate vessels of considerable size, the port includes the Darsena Medicea dock, a very popular marina for pleasure craft (about 150 berths).

Alto Fondale pier is connected to Calata Italia cove at the southernmost end of the port by a long pier.
Calata Italia is used by ferries that sail between the island and the mainland port of Piombino, this section of the port can also be used by cruise ships if the Alto Fondale is full.
A waiting room and bar and restaurant facilities are available for passengers.